Graphic Design Company In Surat

Looking for best graphic design company in surat ? The present world is competitive where graphic design and web graphics attract client attention in no time. So, you have to carve your own character to stand apart from everyone. LB Tech Hub – being one of the leading IT and digital marketing companies, gives your business an individual look and presents it to the world on your own branded platter.

We have a team of skilled and super creative designers and developers to create something new and fresh in this era of the digital world using top softwares, Like Adobe Photoshop,Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw Graphics Suite, Inkscape, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

Serving the customers across the globe, we meet your problems & requirements with the help of a trusted team. We also provide services which include banner, packaging, logo, icon, label, catalogue, layout, newsletter, visiting card, marketing materials, and all type of digital marketing services depending upon the idea of business.

Why Graphic Designing is so necessary for Digital Marketing?

"Great plan is obvious. The extraordinary plan is clear."

As an entrepreneur, you will be glad for your business. So, shouldn't your pictures reflect that too? Will you appear for a red carpet in your running pants? No way! You will dress to inspire. Similarly, graphic designs are the red carpet outfit for your business. With graphics, social media pages get a professional look, customer trust is created and a professional appearance will be made through it.

For businesses, this is a powerful way to engage with clients. Graphic design is a key segment in the marketing world, generally to construct brand awareness and impact the client's decision-making process.

As appropriately said 'A single picture describes a thousand words', that principle may have become a cliché but in reality, this is so obvious, and maybe, is the best guide to clarify the significance of graphic design in the present relentless world.

One can discover the advantages of graphic designing in each field that includes marketing, print media, film, digital platform, etc.

What Is Graphic Design ?

Graphic Design is an art form where professionals create visual content that conveys messages. Utilizing visual hierarchy and design techniques, graphic designers utilize pictures and typography to meet the needs of users and pay attention to the logic behind the way they display elements in interactive designs in order to enhance users' experience.

8 Types of Graphic Design ?

  1. Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design
  2. Visual Identity Graphic Design
  3. Package Design
  4. Graphic Design for Publications
  5. Motion Graphic Design
  6. Illustration Graphic Design
  7. Environmental Design
  8. Web Design


  • Banner standee designs
  • Flyers designs
  • Custom logo designs
  • Prints ads solutions
  • Newsletter designs
  • Stationary designs
  • Label designs
  • Boucher designs
  • Customized resume designs
  • Corporate ID designs
  • Presentations designs
  • Catalog
  • Info graphic
  • Book cover
  • Poster AD
  • Social media banner
  • Calendar
  • Menu
  • Greetings card
  • Invitation card
  • Name card designs
  • Letterhead design


  • Social media promotions
  • Provide SMS services to our all customers for sources
  • Any Customized designs
  • No Copyright issue
  • 2 business day delivery
  • High quality design work